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South East Queensland, Australia

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Gearing-Up for 2022

We're working towards another event sometime in 2022.

At this stage, we're looking for a suitable date that will fit in with Flashback Sydney and Syntax Melbourne.

Suggestions are welcome.

We are also looking at venue options. Fire Station 101 has been a great space, however the costs associated with it have been somewhat high, so any suggestions in and around Brisbane would be appreciated.

Email Us Your Suggestions


Choose and create a demo from a list of categories:

  • Old School Intro

  • Old School 4K

  • Old School 64K

  • New School Intro

  • New School 4K

  • New School 64K

  • Wild


Get creative and make a work of digital art from a list of categories:

  • Old School

  • New School

  • Wild


Punch out some chip tunes:

  • Old School

  • New School

  • Wild

Come and listen to local and national chip tuners perform live.


Compete in VR games, or create your own VR demo.

Retro Museum

Bring your retro hardware or come and see gear from the Brisbane Retro Collective & Amiga Retro Brisbane.


Sceners will be holding tutorials on how to make your own demo.